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Yakitori Don

I found a delicious looking recipe on All Recipes that I thought would taste delicious and take advantage of the ingredients I already had on-hand. However, as a forewarning, this recipe does need to marinate overnight- so plan ahead before you make it!

What I didn’t realize, is that by adding some veggies to make it more of a meal and sautéing the meat instead of grilling, is that I was essentially creating the classic default meal-prep dinner of chicken and broccoli. That being said, chicken and broccoli is a meal-prep favorite because of its cheapness, high protein content, and ease of cooking- so I supposed I can’t complain. Besides, the Yakitori Don flavors were delicious!

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63% Carbs
5% Fat

Yakitori Don Ingredients and Final Product
Ingredients Amount Cost (USD) Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g) Calories (kcal)
Chicken Breast 32 oz $5.86 176g 0g 20g 880 cal
Fresh Ginger 1 inch $0.20 0g 0g 0g 15 cal
Fresh Garlic 2 clove $0.07 0g 2g 0g 8 cal
Sugar 6 tsp $0.03 0g 25g 0g 90 cal
Soy Sauce 8 tbsp $1.60 8g 8g 0g 120 cal
Rice Vinegar 1 tbsp $0.17 0g 0g 0g 0 cal
Mirin 3 tbsp $0.60 0g 27g 0g 105 cal
Vegetable Oil 1 tbsp $0.05 0g 0g 14g 130 cal
Onion 1 onion $0.69 2g 14g 0g 44 cal
Broccoli Florets 12 oz $2.69 12g 16g 0g 100 cal
Green Onion 3 green onion $0.26 3g 6g 0g 15 cal
White Rice 2.5 dry cups $1.80 30g 360g 0g 1500 cal
Total - - $14.01 231g 458g 34g 3007 cal
Total/Meal — — $2.80 46g 92g 7g 601 cal

All together, this made 5 servings of chicken and broc- oh, I mean yakitori don, for $2.80 dollars per meal.

Step 1

Since the chicken needs to marinate overnight, I did the first step the day before meal-prepping. I chopped my ginger, garlic, and chicken then added that to a bowl of my marinade.

The marinade consists of the entirety of the soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, and mirin. Traditional Yakitori Don uses Sake instead of rice vinegar, but I already had rice vinegar on hand and I absolutely love its flavor.

Add the chopped chicken, garlic, and ginger to the marinade, cover, and let rest in the refrigerator overnight.

Chopped ingredients added to the marinade

Step 2

The next morning, I took the marinade out of the refrigerator, stirred it, and let it rest on the counter while I chopped the remaining green onion and onion.

Chicken the next morning and chopped ingredients

Step 3

Once the ingredients were prepared, I heated the oil over a large skillet and cooked the chicken (retaining the rest of the marinade for use later on). It took about 5-7 minutes for the chicken fully cook.

Cooking the Chicken

Step 4

Once the chicken was cooked, I added the broccoli and onion, stirring for about 4 minutes until they had both cooked down. At this point, I added in the rest of the marinade and covered with a lid to allow the mixture to simmer for another ~8 minutes, until the marinade had thickened to create a savory sauce.

Adding Broccoli, Onion, and remaining Marinade

Step 5

I served the Yakitori Don alongside 1 cup of white rice. I sprinkled the top with the green onion and a little cilantro- but that is completely up to your personal tastes!

The meal was super delicious and easy to make- as long as you have the foresight to marinate the chicken overnight! I will definitely be making this again.

Final Yakitori Don