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Seasoned Roasted Russet Potatoes

Delicious and Cheap Seasoned Roasted Russet Potatoes

I debated with myself about whether or not I wanted to post this recipe. Its relatively simple, and my gut says that most people know how to roast some potatoes… right? Either way, after being told the millionth time how delicious these smelled coming out of the oven I decided to share the not-so-secret secret recipe.

I decided not to include photos of the ingredients for this recipe because it should really be changed to suit your individual tastes. The ingredients I used and their relative costs are below:

73% Carbs
19% Fat

Ingredients Amount Cost (USD) Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g) Calories (kcal)
Potato 4 potato $3.20 12g 104g 0g 691 cal
Olive Oil 2 tbsp $0.20 0g 0g 27g 240 cal
Salt 2 tsp $0.02 0g 0g 0g 0 cal
Pepper 2 tsp $0.06 0g 0g 0g 2 cal
Thyme 2 tsp $0.10 0g 0g 0g 2 cal
Paprika 2 tsp $0.06 1g 2g 1g 12 cal
Total - - $3.64 13g 107g 28g 947 cal
Total/Meal — — $0.73 3g 21g 6g 189 cal

Since I served these alongside week 5 meal prep, this made 5 servings of just over 100 grams each. If you are looking for this to be a more substantial meal all on its own, then I suggest increase the number of potatoes.

Step 1

If you aren’t a fan of skin-on potatoes, the first step for you will be to peel your Russet potatoes. Normally I don’t mind the skin, however, my potatoes were a little bit old and since I don’t own a potato scrubber I went ahead and used my paring knife to peel the skins off.

Once they are peeled (if you opted for that route), you will need to chop them into bite-sized squares like below.

Peeled and Chopped Russet Potatoes

Step 2

Next, go ahead and preheat your oven to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. While the oven is preheating, coat a baking dish with a little bit of oil to prevent sticking.

At this point, I like to weigh out my potatoes so I can get a more accurate calorie count. Russet potatoes are about 97 calories per 100 grams, so for my 704 grams of potato I am looking at ~690 calories. If you aren’t a cooking nut like me, you probably don’t own a kitchen scale. Not to worry! I usually estimate that one russet potato is around 170 calories.

Once you have the pan nice and oiled, add the potatoes and seasonings to top. I usually just go straight in with my hand and mix so that the potatoes are evenly coated in the oil and seasonings. I opted for garlic salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika.

The Russet Potatoes weighed out, covered in seasoning, and fully mixed with seasonings

Step 3

Go ahead and pop the potatoes into the preheated oven for about 40 minutes, or until the kitchen smells super good and you can poke the potato with a fork and it feels completely soft. I usually under-bake mine because I know that I am going to add it in with a meal prep dish that will be re-heated later, however, that is completely up to you!

The Russet Potatoes while in the oven and the finished product!

Then you are all done! These make an excellent side-dish to be eaten fresh or as part of a meal-prep.

For my week 5 meal prep, I made this dish as a side to Poor Man’s Pad Thai. If you are interested, click here to see how this dish held up over the course of the week!