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Pumpkin-Spiced Bread Rolls

I would appreciate it if you held off your judgement until you try these pumpkin-spiced rolls. Yes, I know I am stereotypically “basic” to be baking pumpkin spiced rolls, but I was just in such a mood for them after returning from Trader Joes that I couldn’t help myself! And honestly… they are so worth it!

So, bear with me until you can try them for yourself and understand why this recipe was completely necessary.

Close-up and Above photos of the Pumpkin Rolls
79% Carbs
9% Fat

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to cook these suckers! All together it made 24 rolls, or 6 servings of 4 rolls each. It was actually perfect for this week’s meal prep, because all together I had exactly 6 “breakfasts”, 6 lunches, and 6 dinners made. I put “breakfast” in quotations because while these rolls were intended to be my breakfast, they definitely did not make it that long. That is to say… I might’ve eaten them all too quickly.


The only ingredient that is not pictured is some pumpkin-spiced cream cheese I picked up when I was at Trader Joe’s. It’s not necessary, I just couldn’t resist adding it in at the last minute.

Ingredients Amount Cost (USD) Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g) Calories (kcal)
Flour 3 cup $0.28 36g 264g 0g 1320 cal
Salt 2 tsp $0.02 0g 0g 0g 0 cal
Sugar 12 tsp $0.05 0g 50g 0g 180 cal
Margarine 2 tbsp $0.06 0g 0g 17g 200 cal
Active Dry Yeast 1 packet $0.33 3g 3g 0g 21 cal
Eggs 2 egg $0.22 13g 1g 10g 144 cal
Pureed Pumpkin 0.5 cup $0.48 1g 10g 2g 50 cal
TJ Pumpkin Cream Cheese 3 tbsp $0.56 0g 9g 8g 105 cal
Total - - $2.00 53g 337g 37g 2020 cal
Total/Roll — — $0.08 2g 14g 2g 84 cal

In total, that is $2.00 dollars of ingredients and 2020 calories- meaning each roll costs about .08 cents and only 84 calories! So eat up you hungry, hungry, basic bakers.

Step 1

This is the hardest part, and I promise you if you are going to mess up this recipe you’ll do it here. So be very careful! Take your packet of active dry yeast and pour it into a small bowl. Be sure that this yeast isn’t expired otherwise your bread won’t rise! Add .25 cups of WARM water. This is important. If it is not warm enough, your yeast won’t activate, however, if it is too hot, the hot water will kill the yeast! My rule of thumb is to run the faucet on warm until my fingers are just uncomfortable from the heat. Then I pour this water in with the yeast and stir.

As you are stirring, add a few pinches of sugar. For some reasons with which I am not completely sure, yeast love sugar. It makes them activate much quicker and can help your bread fluff up even more! You’ll know your yeast is activating because the water will begin to turn foggy and when you stir it you’ll see waves plus bubbles.

If you do not see this visible change, I recommend you start over with a new yeast packet because it is likely not activated.

Step 2

Next, while the yeast is sitting, melt 2 tbsp of margarine and 3 tbsp of pumpkin spice cream cheese (if you opted for that route). I went ahead and did this on a stove top because I don’t own a microwave (I know, I know)- but you can do either.

Only cook it for long enough that it is soft and melted. If it is too hot, it will kill the yeast. So be sure to let it cool a bit before moving on to the next step.

Activated Yeast and Melted Butter/Cream Cheese

Step 3

Add the eggs, melted butter/cream cheese, and pureed pumpkin to the yeast and stir so that it is fully mixed. Then add the rest of your sugar and salt and continue to stir just until it is fully mixed.

Add one cup of flour and mix:

Unmixed and Unrolled Dough

Step 4

Continue to add flour, .5 cups at a time, until you can roll the dough out on your table and it doesn’t stick to your hands. You’ll know there is enough flour when the dough can be held and manipulated without sticking to everything it touches while still being soft and retaining its shape (see below).

This is something that comes with practice baking, so don’t worry if you’re not completely positive about when it has enough flour. The good thing about this bread is that it’s not too finicky in regard to the flour content.

Step 5

Let the dough sit in an oiled, clean, bowl to rise (about 1 hour). If your yeast was activated, the dough should get bigger, about doubling in size over the hour period.

After letting it rest, take your large dough ball and pull it apart. Rub small amounts of dough between your palms to create small dough balls then line them up on an oiled baking sheet.

You can choose to sprinkle the top of the rolls with cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg once they are on the baking sheet, but it is not necessary.

Step 6

Pop those cuties into a preheated oven at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. They should be golden-brown and firm, but not burnt. If you are unsure if it is fully cooked through, you can poke the largest one with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, the roll is ready. Alternatively, my favorite method is to lightly tap the tops of the rolls with my finger. If there is a hollow sound, that means they are cooked through.

Rolls before baking and in the oven

I love these rolls because they are not too sweet- maintaining that nice balance of bread and dessert. However, if you like sweeter tasting rolls you can replace the pureed pumpkin with pumpkin filling (this usually has pre-added spices and sugar) or simply add more pumpkin-spice flavors (like cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, and sugar) on your own.

Close-up and Above photos of the Pumpkin Rolls