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Chicken Curry Salad

In all seriousness, this is not a salad but does manage to pack the flavor punch of a high-calorie meal without any of the negative side effects (except your breath will smell like onions afterwards, sorry). This meal comes in at only 247 calories per serving (377 if you include the “totally-not-wheat-thins” chips).

While I was on the fence about cooking chicken as part of a meal-prep week because I was afraid it would go bad, so far I have had no problems with the freshness of the chicken (click here to see the review of how they performed in meal prep Week 4!)

All-in-all, this meal was super easy and quick to cook and I have been looking forward to lunch every day because I get to munch down on this originally questionable meal choice.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to cook this dish! All together it made 6 servings of 1 cups each (so just about 6 cups), with each serving only costing your wallet $1.92 and waistline 254 calories.

If you serve it with Wheat Thins, or another type of chip, that will increase your cost to $2.52 and calories to 384 kcal.

Chicken Curry Salad Final Product and Ingredient List
40% Carbs
8% Fat

Ingredient Amount Cost (USD) Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g) Calories (kcal)
Mayonnaise 5 tbsp $0.58 0g 10g 8g 100 cal
Plain Yogurt 0.3125 cup $0.47 3g 5g 0g 38 cal
Lemon 0.5 lemon $0.25 0g 3g 0g 9 cal
Honey 1 tbsp $0.22 0g 17g 0g 60 cal
Curry Powder 0.33 tbsp $0.04 0g 1g 0g 6 cal
Salt 1 tsp $0.01 0g 0g 0g 0 cal
Pepper 0.25 tsp $0.01 0g 0g 0g 0 cal
Chicken Breast 32 oz $5.86 176g 0g 20g 880 cal
Celery 4 stalks $1.25 1g 5g 0g 30 cal
Green Onion 3 green onion $0.26 3g 6g 0g 15 cal
Green Apple 1 apple $1.29 0g 19g 0g 100 cal
Raisins 0.5 cup $0.57 2g 64g 0g 240 cal
Onion 1 onion $.69 2g 14g 0g 44 cal
Total $11.49 189g 144g 28g 1522 cal
Total/Meal $1.92 31g 24g 5g 254 cal

Step 1

Since we are making such a large amount of chicken, I like to go ahead and cook the chicken so we can let it sit while we chop our ingredients and make the sauce. So go ahead an unpackage your chicken and cook it however you’d like! I’m not a huge lemon fan, so I chose to just add some basic salt and pepper to my chicken, but you can definitely marinate the chicken in lemon then grill if it is your fancy.

Cooking and Chopping the Chicken

Step 2

While the chicken is cooking, go ahead and dice the onion, apple, and celery. Once the apple is diced, take your half lemon and just squeeze a little bit of the juice onto the apple and mix it around. This should help preserve the crunchiness of the apple and prevent browning.

Step 3

While the chicken is cooling down, we can go ahead and make the sauce! To a large bowl, add the mayonnaise, yogurt, honey, curry powder, salt, pepper, and rest of the juice from the half lemon then mix.

Step 4

Lastly, just add the chopped ingredients, chicken, and raisins to the sauce and mix everything together! It should be coated in the mixture but not dripping. Take the deliciousness that you’ve just created, put it on a plate (or other storage container), top with some fresh green and red onion, then eat! I choose to serve it with some crackers on the side for extra crunch.