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Week 5 Meal Prep Evaluation

After another delicious week, let’s take a look at how well each meal held up. If you haven’t already, check out what I made this week before reading on.

Chicken Curry Salad:

So this doesn’t really warrent inclusion in another post, because I already evaluated how this recipe held up in week 4’s evaluation, regardless I figured I could let you know how this week was both different and similar.

Like in week 4, the chips did not go bad. They did get a little more stale as the week progressed, but on Friday in both weeks they were still completely edible. This week I noticed that the onion smell resulting from the large amount of raw onion included in the dish was especially strong- I would warn against making this for a week when you are going to be eating with people in close proximity.

Otherwise, it was still a nice and stable dish to make for a meal prep! No wonder there are so many different variations of this recipe in numerous different blogs. I used a recipe from All Recipes for my inspiration, but it was recently brought to my attention that Budget Bytes also has a similar meal prepped meal. Check them both out and tailor it to your tastes!

The chicken curry salad on Tuesday and Friday

Poor Man’s Pad Thai:

I’ve made a dish like this in the past, so I had some idea about how it would hold up over the week. The biggest thing (for me) to do when reheating this meal, is to add a little bit more soy sauce or oil if possible. This was relatively easy for me because I ate this for dinner and I don’t have a microwave (meaning I had to whip out the frying pan to reheat this meal!). It was relatively simple to just add a bit of a soy sauce/olive oil mixture to the pan before reheating, but if you are someone whose meals must be eaten “on-the-go” then this may not be the best meal choice.

Otherwise, it was delicious as always. I love including a lime wedge with the meals to squeeze over the final product- I think it gives the dish some taste variation which is nice when you are eating the same thing all week.

The Pad Thai on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Rosemary Honey Pull-Apart Rolls:

As with most bread, there was not a real visual difference between the rolls throughout the week. But I included some photos below to remind you about the dish.

The rolls held up very similarly to the pumpkin-spiced rolls I made previously. I did not refrigerate the rolls this time around in an attempt to make them less stiff, however, there was little improvement. The rolls, like any bread, did become harder as the days progressed. That being said, they were still edible by Friday and I have some left over that still seem to be good as well.

Rosemary Rolls