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Week 2 Meal Prep

For my second week of full meal prep, I decided to try to make something that would take less time than last week. And while I was wrong about it taking less time than usual, the meals themselves were pretty decent! For breakfast I made Oatmeal Banana Raisin Muffins, followed by easy Chicken Chili for lunch, then a heaping serving of Poor Man’s Pad Thai for dinner.

As a side, I included some baby carrots and a serving of seasoned roasted russet potatoes. These expenses are not included in the ingredient breakdown below, but increase the price per serving by ~.70 cents (10 servings).

As with meal prep weeks 1-3, I didn’t take photos of anything except for the end product so I apologize for the lack of photos for the recipes. If I make them again I will be sure to come back and update their postings so there are nicer visuals to accompany the instructions!

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week 2 finished product

In case you don’t want to click on each recipe individually, all the ingredients you’ll need to make this week’s meal prep are below:

74% Carbs
8% Fat