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Week 9 Meal Prep Evaluation

Veggie Lasagna and Baguette

This is the definition of a great meal-prepped meal. All you need is a microwave and this lasagna is as good as it was when it came fresh out of the oven. Of course, I don’t have a microwave at my house so I had to bring this into work for lunch in order to reheat it- but the one night I ate it cold, straight out of the fridge, it was still great. Kind of like having cold pizza the next morning.

Overall, no complaints. The bread on the side did begin to get stiff (as usual) but if you heat it up with the lasagna in the same container it softens up. If you are really feeling fancy you can even heat up some olive oil and garlic then pour it into the crease of the bread before baking it (but sadly I didn’t think that far ahead).

Lasagna on Monday and Thursday

Cauliflower Green Thai Curry

As with all my curries, the Cauliflower Thai Green Curry did get a little watery over the course of the week. Additionally, the white rice did get stiff. However, when I reheat over the stove top (or microwave, if that is your preference) everything softens up. I think letting this curry sit has actually made it more flavorful, and the additional condensation was good when reheating it because it gave something for the rice to soak up.

10/10 will be making both the curry and the lasagna again. Can’t get enough.

Green Thai Curry on Monday, while cooking, and on Friday