Underwrite Your Life

Week 8 Meal Prep Evaluation

Sweet and Sour Chicken

The sweet and sour chicken held up well throughout the week. The brown rice didn’t get as stiff as my usual side of white rice, so that was a nice, unexpected, change from week to week.

I ultimately ended up eating my last serving of this 8 days after it was cooked (since I visited my friends Friday-Sunday this weekend) and to my surprise the chicken was still good! I feel reinvigorated to continue to use chicken in my meal preps- I am usually cautious because of my fear of eating chicken that has gone bad and getting sick.

Rest assured, leaving your cooked chicken for a week in the fridge will not make you sick (in my experience).

Sweet and Sour Chicken on Monday, while being cooked, and on Thursday

Zucchini Boats and Cole Slaw

The zucchini boats and cole slaw were another story. In all honesty, I can’t really speak to how well the cole slaw held up over the course of the week because I didn’t eat a lot of it. I can attest that it did get more vinegar-y as the week went on but the slaw itself held its crunch pretty well.

The boats got a little soggy from waiting in the fridge all week, but the flavor was still pretty delicious. I loved the mixture of panko and sauce- the texture and flavor made me feel like I was eating ground beef, which was a pleasant surprise. It didn’t occur to me to use ground beef in this dish, but if I ever re-make it then I think I will do that next time. What was also a pleasant surprise was the fact that the hummus flavor wasn’t too overwhelming and didn’t throw off the balance of the dish! Overall, I was pretty impressed.

Zucchini Boats and Cole Slaw on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday