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Week 10 Meal Prep Evaluation

Week 10’s meal prep was overall pretty good! Nothing went bad or made me sick, so who am I to complain? However, there is no point in evaluating the cinnamon raisin bagels because if you looked at that recipe, you already know how it turned out. If you’d like a refresher on Week 10’s meals click here.

Yakitori Don

The Yakitori Don was still good, even a week after having made the dish. This was a big sigh of relief for myself because marinating the chicken overnight (not tightly sealed in the chicken’s original packaging), made me afraid that the chicken would go bad more quickly than in weeks past.

Overall the flavors were fine. From the glowing reviews of this recipe from All Recipes, I expected it to be more delicious, however, that might be my own fault since I cooked the chicken in a pan instead of grilling it. But like I said, this recipe was cheap and nutritious, plus it took advantage of the ingredients I already had on-hand, so don’t be surprised if you see me making this again in the future.

Yakitori Don on Monday, while cooking, and on Thursday

Turkey Chili

We all know the turkey chili was a safe bet. Ground meat takes a while to go bad, and anything in chili-form would probably be good for months after you cooked it if frozen. So like we all expected, the turkey chili was good from day 1 to day 7. It might have been because I started to get bored of the flavors, but by the end of the week I was having to down the chili with salt and pepper at work to really make the dish satisfying.

Overall, the dish was as good as when I made it for Week 2’s meal prep. The biggest shocker for my coworkers was that the lettuce didn’t go brown and was still crunchy despite having pre-chopped and packaged it from the previous Saturday.

Turkey Chili on Monday, with the lettuce mixed in, and on Friday